Outdoor Activity

I just really love to spend my time in wild. In wild you learn new things because you thought yourself to handle your situation, and actively involved in your problem. I can makes decision how to solved your problem without other people nagging to your choice.

When i spend time in wild, i become leader for myself. Every decision must be think carefully. How many time i spend for walk, build a tent, cook my food and rest. How many resource i have and how can i manage that to make me survive in wild. Activity in outdoor make me learn how to prepare for the worst but in same time have teach me how to give thanks for all bless Lord has given to me. In the wild you must :

  1. Stay Positive
  2. Be Creative and be resourceful
  3. Never say ” wanna die 
  4. Stay calm and observe before make decisions
  5. Be patient



When you in the wild, you will feel enormously unfair. Yes like other survivalist, you face the feeling injustice. But with every piece tool and ever knowledge you have you can turn be wonderful life journey. Take control situation instead let situation control you.


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