Solo Camping at Gunung Putri


At 21 and 22 August 2018, I did a solo camping at Gunung Putri, Lembang. After office hour, i set off to lembang. I arrived at main gate Gunung Putri at 7 a.m packing all of my gear and start climbing. The weather was quite cold when I started climbing. When i started approaching the peak I paused and take this photo.


Well, this is what i want to see, when i go back to nature I leave all the hustle and bustle of civilization. I continue again walk 15 minutes from the peak to where i set my tent. I set fire for cooking and set tarp for my hammock. When i start to cooking already drizzle. Not long before the rain rained hard enough on my tent. I hurriedly moved all the equipment into the tent, and the accident happened I spilled some of my dinner, that night I ate what was left of what was available in the pan.

After eating, I tidy up the equipment in the tent and immediately put my bed together, while listening to music from the portable speaker I curl up in my hammock. After being quite sleepy I turned off the music and all your electronic equipment and went to sleep.


I woke up early enough, and found that the fire in the stove had been extinguished because all the fuel had burned completely, so I had to make it again from the beginning, I began to collect dried pine leaves and twigs to re-ignite my stove. After a while I started cooking my breakfast, that morning I had breakfast with instant cereal.

After finishing breakfast I began exploring and enjoying the tranquility presented by nature. I stopped near the top and turned to the quiet side not far from the top, sat and enjoyed the view.

After reflecting on this trip I learned about the beauty of simplicity. I can easily make one thing complex, and finally I am not grateful for what is simple, and in the end the complex thing keeps me happy. In the end everything is entrusted by God, when I am bound to one thing, it limits me to go further or to feel more blessings; and happiness I never depend on someone, condition, event, happiness.


After I finished with my personal time I returned to the tent and prepared my lunch. After eating, I took a break for a while and continued packing for the goods and returned to Bandung.

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