Why People Lost in Wilderness?

Some people love lost in forest. For the people who loves being in wilderness, being lost may lead to some adventure. But, if you don’t love being in wilderness being lost in forest is pretty scary isn’t?

DSC_0003 copy

The following are some reasons why someone can get lost :

  1. Trying take a shortcut, many  people get lost every year because they leave the trail to try a shortcut. Stick to the trail, especially if you’re in unknown territory.
  2. Drop your awareness, just walk or run without being aware about everything around you like  road signs or stakes.
  3. Being overconfident when in new territory.
  4. Take false trail, in wilderness mother nature can change pretty fast. A trail can be vanished by rain or falling tree.
  5. Many people get lost because they reach a point where the trail fades or is poorly marked and they continue on but can’t pick up the trail again. Be on guard for this, and make sure you leave behind your own markers in these areas.
  6.  Falling behind  or getting separated form group.

So have you been lost in wilderness? If you don’t mind you can share your story with me trough comment bellow.


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